I'm A New Yorker (Single)

by Robot Pop Garage

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A young woman moves to New York City with big dreams. But what she finds here is much darker than the gold pave streets and silver lined clouds of her imagination. Despite her frustrations, she finds the resolve and determination of a true New Yorker to find her happiness.


It's loud and crowded now
And what it brings
Means everything to me
Bright lights
And unfamiliar faces cloud
A brilliant starlit scene
I might just peer into
An endless view
From the window of my room
And its like looking through
A kaleidoscope of life with no hope

You're a New Yorker now
Struggle along somehow
You've been waiting patiently
For the Sun to go down
But it never quiets down
There's never enough around
Somebody texted me "LOL" it's fun town
But don't let it bring you down
Just struggle along somehow
And I'll be waiting here with you
Until sundown
When nobody else is around
Remember to wear a smile
And you'll shine
When everyone else is rundown
You're a New Yorker now!

Verse 2
New York City is bitter sweet
But what it brings
I'll just accept
It's lonely
Though I see
A friend or two as the days roll on through
It wears me down
To wait in doubt
But I dream of life without
Those dark shadows
And overcasting gloom that I see
From the window of my room


Verse 3 (rap)
Do you know what it feels like
When your life
Just don't go right
Seems like
You never get no sunshine
Just grimy scenes
Blacked-out alleyways
Crack spots
And cut-off crime scenes, I mean
It's like the night time
Is the right time
My getaway time
Put on my work boots for playtime
Since Mom's died
If I get hurt, no one to kiss it
Except my Mrs.
And in my lunchbox she packs a biscuit!
New York tours are street wars
Where anybody can get it
My brother's crazy now
Looking for business in the black dresses
My condolences


You're A New Yorker ©
Copyright 2009, Hakim Callier (BMI)


released March 25, 2010
Written by: H. Callier; M. Bradley
Produced and Mixed by: Hakim Callier
Mastered by: T. McHenry, Neon Mastering




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